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Canadian Atheist is a multi-author blog focusing on topics, news, and issues of interest to Canadian secularists, humanists, freethinkers, and atheists.

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Copyright information
Information about the copyright Canadian Atheist content is published under, as well as plain-English explanations about what rights you have to republish CA content.
Branding information
Information about logos and other identifying marks, including what rights you have to use our logos and such. Also, download links for Canadian Atheist branding images and logos in various styles and file formats.
Information about Canadian Atheist’s finances. This includes Canadian Atheist’s financial reports that show where CA has been spending its cash, and the prospectus that outlines future spending plans.
At the moment, Canadian Atheist does not have any advertising. However, this is something that we have received a lot of questions about, and in the near future the potential will be discussed with the contributors. Once we have an advertising policy, it will be explained here, along with information about how you can get your ads on Canadian Atheist.
Interested in supporting Canadian Atheist? It doesn’t necessarily have to be financial support. This section will give you information on the ways you can help out CA.
Interested in becoming one of Canadian Atheist’s contributors? This section will tell you what we’re looking for in contributors, what we require, what we offer, and how to join our team.

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