Canadian Atheist branding

Canadian Atheist is not a money-making venture; the goal of CA has never been profit. Canadian Atheist’s primary goal has always been and will continue to be to provide high-quality topical content for our readers. For that reason, most of our content is released under a very permissive licence

However, CA maintains certain copyrights to protect its branding and logo. There are two reasons we do this:

If you have questions about what the elements of CA’s brand are, or what you are allowed to do with our branding or logo, read on.

What are the elements of Canadian Atheist’s brand?

Canadian Atheist’s branding consists of:

The name

Canadian Atheist identifies itself with the name “Canadian Atheist” in the following languages:

  • English (Canadian Atheist); and
  • French (Athée Canadien)

More languages will be added in future as translations become available.

The names will always be rendered exactly as shown in the list above, subject to some reasonable exceptions. They will never be pluralized (so “Canadian Atheists” does not represent CA), and no alternative capitalization will be used (so “Canadian atheist” does not represent CA). Exceptions are allowed for design variations (for example, when all-capitals is being used, “CANADIAN ATHEIST” does represent CA), and for any adjustments required to make a sentence grammatically correct (for example, some languages require adjustments to words depending on the grammatical case the word is being used in – an English example would be the possessive case, where “Canadian Atheist’swould represent CA).

Of course, Canadian Atheist cannot hold a copyright on the words “Canadian Atheist” (in any language). In fact, there are several other entities that use those words or close variations to identify themselves.

However, while the words themselves are not copyrighted, the words when rendered according to the font specifications described below (for example, as shown in the figure below) are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved.

The font

The Exo 2 font was created by Lisbon-based type designer Nataneal Gama. It is available under the Open Font License. Under the requirements of that licence, a copy of the font is provided for downloading, or you can download a copy from the source.

For its branding images, Canadian Atheist generally uses Exo 2 at a semi-bold weight (CSS weight value 600), with the letter spacing and word spacing set to 105% of the intrinsic spacing values relative to the font size (so at a 100 pixel font size, the letter and word spacing are both 5 pixels more than the intrinsic values of the font).

The name “Canadian Atheist” rendered in the Exo 2 font, according to Canadian Atheist specifications
The name “Athée Canadien” rendered in the Exo 2 font, according to Canadian Atheist specifications

What are you allowed to do with the elements of Canadian Atheist’s brand?

Most of the elements of Canadian Atheist’s branding are copyrighted: particularly the logo and the name “Canadian Atheist” rendered into various languages (listed above) in the correct font specification. Canadian Atheist protects these copyrights as a way of protecting its identity and integrity from being stolen or damaged by others.

While Canadian Atheist protects its copyrights, permissions are granted for the use of its copyrighted branding elements, subject to certain restrictions. Below is a non-exclusive things you can and can’t do with CA’s copyrighted branding elements.

If you have any further questions about what you are allowed to do with Canadian Atheist’s copyrighted branding elements, or if you would like to request special permissions, exemptions, or design modifications (to better match your site’s aesthetic, for example), feel free to contact us.