Canadian Atheist 2017 financial report

Expenses Web presence Domain 15.17
Nameservers 17.84
Hosting 172.74
Other 5.99
Credit card Fee 39.00
Interest 68.37
Total 319.11
Statement Previous balance −284.87
Expenses 319.11
Total −603.98

All values are in Canadian dollars (CAD$).


Credit card interest cost is calculated using the minimum monthly payment for any balance carried forward from the previous year, multiplied by twelve. The minimum monthly payment is calculated as 2% of the balance. Using this method to calculate credit card costs will over-estimate the costs in years when the card balance is lowered, and under-estimate it in years when the balance increases. This is the only practical way to estimate the actual cost of the CA balance, because the card itself is a personal credit card used for other purposes unrelated to CA.

Domain, nameservers, and hosting costs are converted from USD$. The exchange rate used is the rate that was in effect at the time of payment.

Nameserver and hosting costs are triennial costs. These payments are for 2017, 2018, and 2019.

$5.99 was spent on “domain privacy”, which kept personal information out of public WHOIS databases. This is included under “Other”.

Numerous minor, incidental, and miscellaneous expenses are not included. Examples include:

If you have any questions about Canadian Atheist’s finances, feel free to contact us.